¡Qué miedo!

¡Qué miedo!

Marta Comín Pérez

11,90 €

BEZa barne

Eskuragarri 4-5 egunetan

¡Qué miedo!

ISBN 978-84-9101-824-7
Orriak 12
Urtea 2023
Argitaletxea Combel Editorial
Saila Infantil / Prelectores

A board book to put fears into perspective and laugh them away from the door!
The fear of monsters is common in young children. But everyone is afraid of something. What about monsters? Who are they afraid of? Turn the pages of the latest Marta Comín book to find out.
You will be able to dismantle all their fears page by page: from a spider to a thief in the living room.

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